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        Every night I dream the same dream
    Of getting older and older all the time
    I ask you now, what does this mean?
    Are these problems just in my mind?
    Things are easy when you're a child
    But now these pressures have dropped on my head
    The length I've gone are just long miles
    Would they be shorter if I were dead?

    Every time I look in my past
    I always wish I was there
    I wish my youth forever last
    Why are these times so unfair?

    Look at my friends and see what they've done
    Ask myself why they had to change
    I like them better when they were young
    Now all these times are rearranged
    I look down and stand there and cry
    Nothing ever will be the same
    The sun is rising now I ask why?
    The clouds now fall and here comes the rain
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